The Honest Truth

hi i'm isaac i do things okay bye

why the fuck are there so many posts writing paragraphs upon paragraphs “explaining” shit that is totally obvious.

The author of that book, the director of that movie, they didn’t draft that scene to perfection, molding it to show everything they wanted it to without needing many words, just for your dumb ass to act like you need to explain it.

jesus fucking christ



My internet went out


no i was talking about the icon that shows when someone is typing in iMessage it looks like a whale submarine this was just all a REALLY fucking weird coincidence because she started sending me whale shit right after


—Strike Up the Band {demo}




Strike Up the Band {demo}

I remixed it and added a couple things. It sounds much nicer. Expect it to sound entirely different when actually recorded. And expect that to be a good thing.

dem harmonies and dat accordion

hi isaac

lol goals


sometimes i think i hear an old man moaning in another room and then i realize its the sound of my congested nostrils

i am the sound the tree that fell in the forest made 


22 years later i realize that another is literally an other


our apartment

okay so we moved into our apartment in minneapolis in september and it was because it was pretty cheap and in a good location and the landlord seemed totally cool and things were included like heat and gas and internet and so we were like OK sounds good. when we move in there are two doors (without doorknobs) that some random-ass dude with a box of random-ass tools is supposedly going to replace with some of the doors in our apartment. there’s all sorts of shit from the other tenants in the hall and he’s like ‘ya’ll can have that’ so we were like OK sounds good. the dude never replaced the doors. he just disappeared. the landlord doesn’t come to collect the first month’s rent for a week, and when he does one of us hasn’t even moved in yet so he’s totally cool with not getting part of it, and then he talks about all the things that need to be fixed that he’s going to work on. so we were like ‘holy shit this guy is pretty cool’ and he was always like “if there are any problems things call me so i can fix them.” and then the next month we end up late on rent, and again, he’s totally cool with it. but then we’re noticing things. like how hot water for one of the showers (only the shower in one bathroom) doesn’t always happen. we call him, no answer. our heaters seem to just work sporadically (the one in my room didn’t work at all until we fucked with it), he says it reads the temperature but that doesn’t seem quite accurate. we call him about it. no answer. our internet goes out for three days in the whole apartment. people call him. no answer. in at least three of the electrical outlets in the house, one of the sockets doesn’t work. we mention that. nothing happens. those doors that random-ass dude was there to supposedly replace? they’re still sitting outside in our hall as i type this. but throughout all of this, we see him always coming by and stalking around the place, and nearly tinkering with things. he’s always got a bluetooth head set in but he never takes a single call, and he never answers ours. if he calls back it’s days later. and this is all really pissing us off, because he’s not fixing anything and yeah it’s cool that he’s been lenient with us but he’s also not doing things he needs to and we start to wonder if that’s why he’s cool with US being late with some things because he knows he’s not getting shit done on HIS end either, but that isn’t really an excuse. 

so tonight my roomate’s heater isn’t coming on and he’s like ‘i’m just going to light a fire in my trash can or something’ and we’re laughing and joking about how we’ll just set up a little metal trashcan fire in each room like a bunch of squatters and i’m like ‘lol you know sometimes i start to wonder if our electricity is only working on accident’ and we’re having a good laugh.

and then i have a thought.

what if we’re not like squatters

what if i fucking landlord is a fucking squatter

what if he doesn’t even fucking own this place

what if he just showed up one day and started collecting rent and he doesn’t even have a fucking clue how anything is powered in the place and so he can only just dick around and jerry-rig everything he can think of and hope nothing important goes out for too long

Food for thought:

Let’s say I don’t like vanilla ice cream. Let’s say that I disliked vanilla ice cream so much that I might even wish that vanilla ice cream was racist, so that I could tell everyone else not to eat it. Not because it’s horrible and racist, but because I don’t like it - it being racist would just be a perfect excuse to flip out about it.
But, at the same time, let’s say that I LOVE chocolate ice cream. I love chocolate ice cream so much that I kind of wish that chocolate ice cream was the ONLY ice cream. I wish that EVERYONE ate chocolate ice cream, and I wish that eating any other kind of ice cream was wrong, ill-thought, maybe even a sin.

Now, in the first paragraph, switch out the word ‘racist’ with just about anything that is obviously bad; this is how we most often view the things we don’t like - we may have grounds for their hatred, they might genuinely be racist (or anything else bad), but deep down it’s really only a disliking of it on a personal level that makes us do something about it - it being genuinely bad was just the perfect excuse to get mad. It also explains that surge of adrenaline when we get to rant about things we hate. “YES!! I’m so glad that it’s wrong to be racist, because I don’t like it for my own personal reasons and I want to scream about it!!!”
And in the second paragraph, switch out ‘chocolate ice cream’ for any sort of opinion, viewpoint, or lifestyle. We could go, “Well in some studies it’s been shown that chocolate is good for you, so we’re SUPPOSED to eat chocolate ice cream. And vanilla is make with vodka so obviously it’s not good for you, so you’re not SUPPOSED to eat vanilla ice cream. I get that you think what you’re doing is okay, but it’s actually for your own good that I make it so that you can’t eat vanilla ice cream anymore.”

You might start to see why things don’t get fixed very easily in our world.

We don’t really have a lack of compassion, so much as we have a problem of bias.